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U.S. officials want Canada to stay in Afghanistan: Report

U.S. officials want Canada to stay in Afghanistan Updated Sun. Jun. 28 2009 2:46 PM ET The Canadian Press OTTAWA — Obama Democrats have quietly sounded out power-brokers in Ottawa looking for advice on how to convince war-weary Canadians to keep military forces in Afghanistan after 2011. Conscious of the deep political and public opposition […]

Liberal and Conservative agenda "has never been as similar"

Respected columnist for the Toronto Star, Chantal Hebert, pointed out recently how closely aligned politically Stephen Harper and Michael Ignatieff have become. The Liberals and the Conservatives jointly wrote the current marching orders of the Afghan mission. Their Canada-U.S. agenda has never been as similar. Six months later, the Liberals have yet to say how […]

Harper’s Secret War Plans

Dear Ceasefire.ca supporters, Evidence is mounting that the Harper government is quietly preparing for a major escalation of our combat role in Afghanistan, and this includes hundreds more troops and the possible deployment of Canadian CF-18 fighter bombers. We must act quickly. We are launching a major campaign to prevent this military build-up in Afghanistan, […]