Update: Canada Election Watch 2015

Lawn signs in Whitby-Oshawa in late 2014 during a by-election campaign.


And…the writ has been dropped!

While you were enjoying your long weekend, Prime Minister Stephen Harper visited the Governor General to dissolve parliament and to call for elections. The election campaign will last 78 days, the longest campaign since 1872. Election day is on 19 October, 2015.

As the federal parties ramp up their election promises and pinpoint key issues for Canadians, we at Ceasefire.ca are working hard to give you the information and analysis you need to make sense of it all.

Visit our Election Watch 2015 page to find the most up-to-date links to poll trackers and federal parties’ policies. In addition, visit our Election Analysis page (part of our Election Watch series) to find the latest news and analysis on issues, strategies, and tactics. Soon we will add segments on the foreign, defence and national security policies that Ceasefire.ca is calling on party leaders to adopt.

Make sure to visit our page regularly to stay in touch with exciting new developments in the electoral campaign. Click on the image below to head straight to the page:

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One Response to “Update: Canada Election Watch 2015”

  1. Douglas JackAugust 5, 2015 at 1:21 pm #

    Stephen Harper is tied/addicted to the Finance-Media-Education-Military-Industrial-Legislative-Complex. As a linear thinker his only 2-dimensional worldview is of war as the major economy.
    Tom Mulcair can think in 3-D but like the rest of the Conservative (Harper), Liberal (Trudeau), Bloc Quebecois (Duceppe) & NDP MPs voted for the Canadian bombing of Libya, Syria, etc. None of these parties or leaders except Elizabeth May, has escaped the MIC-AIPAC (Oded-Yinon-Plan) Mainstream Media propaganda bubble to do independent research.

    Is Elizabeth just a Conservative financed ‘plant’ to divide the progressive vote? Greens have ‘become the change’ ‘economic’ (Greek ‘oikos’ = ‘home’ + ‘namein’ = ‘care-&-nurture’) plans but for over a decade now have shown no signs of implementing these among Green Party members. As a 2004 GPC candidate & Shadow Cabinet representative for Ecological-Design, I tried to get Greens off their 100% devotion to elections & onto ‘Community’ (Latin ‘com’ = ‘together’ + munus’ = ‘gift or service’) but there was little appetite among leaders or members.

    If Green Party members implement 1st Nation / ‘indigenous’ (L. ‘self-generating’) economic ‘Great-good-way-of-kindness’ (aka the Haudenosaunee constitution aka The-Great-Law-of-Peace among themselves at 1 million households with a collective economy of 45 billion dollars, then we would already have displace the fragile MIC economy through leverage. The Great-good-way calls upon us to: 1) organize the multihome dwelling complexes in which 70% of us live as intergenerational female-male economic units of collaboration & sharing. 2) implement time-based human resource accounting for recognizing all contributors among our multihome domestic economies organized with specialized Production-Society/Guilds into progressive ownership decision-making. https://sites.google.com/site/indigenecommunity/home/2-mutual-aid

    It would be a blessing as well if organizations such as Ceasefire got off of the protest/lobby bandwagon & organized Asset-Based-Community-Development-Economy. For 1000s of years humanity’s worldwide indigenous ancestors have used the Great Good Way called ‘Kaianerekowa’ among the Haudenosaunee here on Turtle-Island, ‘Ubuntu’ among the Nguni of southern Africa & what Mohandas Gandhi referred to as ‘Swadeshi’ (Hindi ‘self-sufficiency’) in India.