Update: Canada Election Watch 2015

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Not only has this week been busy for the leaders of our political parties and Canadian journalists, but here at Ceasefire.ca we’ve been buzzing to keep you up-to-date with the latest in Canada Election Watch 2015.


More Daily Duff Bombshells

The Duffy trial has kept us on our toes! As the story has been unraveling with every passing day, it is clear that a lot more Harper insiders were in the know than the two people – Duffy and Wright – that the Prime Minister insists are the only ones who should be held accountable. Duffy has even come out guns blazing with accusations of being blackmailed by the Conservatives. What’s next? … Simply click on our Daily Duffs tab and learn more as the Senate expense scandal continues to unfold.


The Munk debate on Foreign Policy and Global Issues

Though the Maclean’s debate provided us with some insight into what we can expect from the four main political parties (Conservatives, NDP, Liberals and Greens),there are still many unanswered questions on important foreign policy issues. Lucky for us, the Munk debates will be coming up on September 28, 2015 with a focus on foreign policy and global issues. In partnership with Facebook, an academic panel will be analyzing trending issues to help identify the main questions for the debate. Marie-Danielle Smith, writing for Embassy news, has more on the format of the debate and what we can look forward to (“Facebook data, academic panel to shape foreign policy debate”, Embassy news, 19 August 2015).


Coming Soon: New “Election Issues” Section of Canada Election Watch 2015

And we have more exciting news. Soon we will introduce a new tab in Canada Election Watch 2015, entitled “Election Issues”. Our first order of business will be to highlight the key foreign policy issues we feel should be addressed in the Munk debates. Once we post our list of priority debate topics, we hope that you will take advantage of the Comments section to give us your feedback.


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