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Spinning civilians killed in Afghanistan

In a comment to an earlier post, Siamdave mentioned today’s “The Current” on CBC. He says …almost the entire hour was spent explaining, first, why Canadians should not expect this to be an issue in the election, and then why Canadians needed to get with the program and support the mission. (more…)

Don't prejudge soldiers' votes

Jeff Davis’s article in this week’s Embassy Magazine would have readers believe that soldiers will vote overwhelmingly for the Conservatives, but the article does not actually quote any soldiers. Instead, it cites a trio of spokespeople from military-funded organizations such as the Conference of Defence Associations, and the hawkish historian, Jack Granatstein. (more…)

Le Devoir reporter pockets $2500 defence lobby prize

This week Le Devoir’s military affairs reporter, Alec Castonguay, was announced as the recipient of the Conference of Defence Associations’ Ross Munro Media Award. Mr. Castonguay will receive the award, including a $2500 cash prize, at a ceremony in November. Why is such a¬†well respected newspaper like Le Devoir willing to permit a reporter accept […]

The Liberals blew it on the Afghanistan file: Yaffe

Barbara Yaffe, columnist for the Vancouver Sun, hits the nail on the head in today’s column. Steve The Liberals blew it on the Afghanistan file Barbara Yaffe Vancouver Sun Tuesday, September 16, 2008 Liberals last spring squandered a potent issue that could have boosted their sagging fortunes in the current election campaign. (more…)