No war on Syria! Send your letter to the editor

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An update on the situation in Syria – Assad has agreed to place his chemical weapons in international control, potentially avoiding a military attack by the US. You can read more here:

Until it is confirmed that no military attack will take place, we are continuing with our letter writing campaign. Thank you to those who have written in and voiced their opinions.

Please take this time to express your call for peaceful action in response to the Syrian crisis. Over 250 letters have already been sent!

Dear supporter,

We have learned that the military wants the Harper government to join a possible U.S.-led attack on Syria.

According to informed sources we have been in contact with, the Air Force is urging Harper to send Canadian warplanes to help the U.S. assault, if it comes.

If you oppose war, then now is the time to take action. Please write to the editor of your local newspaper, voicing your opposition to an assault on Syria. Use our easy letter-writing tool to send your letter right away.

The pro-war forces will be pressing hard for an attack when President Obama makes a primetime television address from the White House, arguing that the West should go to war with Syria and commence bombing and missile strikes.

On Wednesday the newspapers will be filled with the arguments for war. That’s why it is vital that we make our voices heard, too.

Harper supports military action. At the G20 meeting of world leaders, Stephen Harper argued in favour of military strikes, despite objections from Russia and China, preventing United Nations Security Council approval of any military strike.

But he has not committed any Canadian Forces to the attack, so far. That’s why it is so important to make your voice heard.

Please take a moment to send your letter, using our letter-writing tool above. We have provided some ideas for you to consider noting in your letter, including some quotes from Senator Roméo Dallaire, Nobel Peace Prize winner Jody Williams, and Pope Francis.

Thanks for all you do for peace,

Kathleen Walsh,

Photo credit: US Navy

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