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Germany's Nuclear Dilemma and the Future of NATO

In 2009 the need for tactical nuclear weapons in Europe is dwindling. According to Prof. Joachim Krause of the Institute for Security Policy at Christian Albrecht University, the 480 warheads currently located in Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany and Turkey, are primarily short-range tactical weapons and their range is too limited to reach targets in […]

Peacekeeping in Afghanistan

There are serious concerns being raised over the international community’s military and political strategy in Afghanistan in the wake of a failed election, Gen. McChrystal’s calls for additional troops and intense consultation’s in the Obama camp. It seems the world has been left to wonder: what’s next? In their article Peacekeeping without peace Pierre Shori and […]

Obama and Harper Talk Afghanistan

On September 16, U.S. President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Stephen Harper met to discuss several items, including the on-going conflict in Afghanistan.  During the limited press event following the meeting, two questions were asked of the leaders, both raising critical issues regarding the status of the military mission and Canada’s role post-2011.  (more…)

Political and military leaders respond to Obama's anti-nuclear speech

On April 20th, 2008 President Obama delivered a speech in which he put forth a plan to phase out all nuclear weapons worldwide.  Political and military leaders from China, India, Pakistan, and Britain have since expressed strong support towards Obama’s anti-nuclear speech and have advanced a common message: all nuclear powers should commit to multi-lateral negotiation […]